A bit about me and the blog: My name is Naomi (Omi for short, hence the blog name) and I’m first a Wife and then a mother. I am married to my high school sweetheart who is now an Airman. Blessed to be a mommy of two awesome boys. I believe being wise is based on a Godly mentality and not based upon an age. I am not wise, but God sure is and I run to him for wisdom. He tells me to write, so I do it and in return I am transformed and renewed by his word each time. My desire is to share what I receive from God with anyone who will read. My job is not to touch hearts, that is God’s job. I’m just a willing vessel, one of the many unique pencils God has.


Fear had held me back for so long from accomplishing anything that I would dare to dream of…and I’m a big dreamer! I’ve dreamt of having a blog for some years now, but God made it a reality. God had to remind me that HE created me, along with the desires that my heart has. He also reminded me that to live a life pleasing unto him, I have to rely on him and not my feelings. Making decisions and living a life based on how we feel is so unstable, because our feelings are unstable. God is the only constant being.

When we read God’s word, our minds and thoughts are renewed and our attitudes are changed by his spirit. We gain new perspective, Godly perspective, and we can rejoice in remembering Christ is our salvation no matter what we face here on earth. He alone is our Joy, and the Joy of the Lord is our strength. But you know what? I think most of us can agree that simply reading his word is not enough to help us live a Christian life, because so quickly we forget what we read. The solution that works for me is to write. I write what I receive from God because of Deuteronomy 6:6-9 & Deuteronomy 11:18-20…I want you to look that up yourself 😉 I write because when God gave Moses the 10 commandments, he knew Moses and the people would forget unless he wrote them down. God instructs us to write, because he knows we forget. so there is no excuse, because there is an alternative, and that is…to write! I hope you become a regular around here, God Bless you so very much 🙂