My name is Naomi, friends and family call me Omi.  I love to write, but I can’t write without inspiration, and my inspiration comes from God. I love the fact that without being in tune with God, I simply have no words to write, because this keeps me always turning to him. Since I was a little girl, I prayed that God would be reflected through me in all I do, and he made sure of that. I didn’t always understand or accept his way of using me, but i’ve become humbled by his words through me. Each day I continue to be amazed by my God. I’m so glad for his love and mercies never ending.

I felt that a blog would be a perfect place for me to share everything I write. Not because I think I’M really good at writing, but because I acknowledge it is GOD’s heavenly gift to me. He has given us all gifts, so I’d be a fool to not acknowledge his gift to me. I’d also be a fool to think that I got this talent on my own. As Paul says, “…I will boast all the more gladly in my weaknesses so that Christ’s power may rest in me.” 2 Corinthians 12:9. The words God gives me, always speak to me and I know it’s God because I can’t think of these things myself. I hope to spread encouragement and motivation, because I know the struggle of being discouraged often, which is why I am always in awe with the encouraging words God provides me! God bless you so much and I pray you too can feel him encouraging you in this life we are truly blessed to live.