Baby, you.

You are my inspiration
You are my motivation
With you I feel like i’m soaring next to the clouds
When we’re together, everything else fades out
You cause me to feel so very alive
Like a gasp of fresh air I feel revived
I know that you are for me and I am for you
You are exactly what I need, and this God knew
You’re the perfect match to the way I am
We go together better than toast and jam
I could never exactly describe how you make me feel
You’re everything from my strength to my achilles heel
You’re such a part of me I’m weak when you’re far away
But when we’re together we can handle any weight
When i’m feeling low you’re quick to lift me up
You simmer me down when i’m about to erupt
Truth is we’re human, so imperfect
But good and bad times, our love is worth it
Like a girl with a school crush, It’s you I want to flaunt
Cause baby it’s so true that you’re the only one I want.

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