It’s not a race.

Not a race
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In this life that we live nothing is set

The choices we make are for profit or debt

People say they fall in love and later fall out of it

But when you fall into something you choose to get out of it

Love is caused by actions we take don’t you ever forget

Don’t be fooled into thinking what you give is what you get

Live by the golden rule, have a positive attitude, don’t fret

If you live based on your emotions you’ll live a life of regret

Life goes by way too fast to give time to hate

Don’t waste your life on a detour, stay on the straight

Live your life with intention and it will be great

Give your burdens to Jesus he can handle the weight

For one day we’ll all reach our end, it’s human fate

Don’t live life in a hurry with no time to slow down and wait

For life is not an appointment, you can’t be late.

Enjoy the moments you have, and memories create.

If every day is a gift, make every night a date.

Whether at home with kids, out with friends or your soulmate.

Hurry up and slow down for there’s no time to waste.

The days may seem long, but the years go by in haste

Despite what is said, life is not a race.

Remember slow and steady is the best pace.

We’re all on individual journeys to our own place

We can all make the world better by showing each other grace.

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