Ready, set, start!

Ready, set start!
Ready, set start! : Photo by Arnold Exconde on Unsplash

Ready, set, start!

BY: Naomi Wendel


Do you know where your head is?

Do you know where you’re headed?

Have you any goals?

Are you feeding your soul? 

Do you wake up with a smile?

Or has it been a while?

Maybe you lost your way,

Got caught up in the day to day.

Remember that time is a gift,

Don’t let your life go adrift.

What sets your soul on fire?

Go after it and don’t grow tired.

Life gives you many opportunities,

Don’t blow them because of insecurities.

Rise up from your slump,

Let your leap of faith be a high jump.

Give it all you’ve got

Don’t give it a second thought.

There are many things you can achieve

It all depends what you believe.

You can keep going through the motions

Getting lost in life’s commotions,

Or you can visualize a finish line

And take these words as your divine sign.

It’s time to take heart,

Ready, set, start.

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