The Journey is a climb.

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The Journey is a climb.

By: Naomi Wendel


What would you do if you had one last day to live?

What goals and dreams would you have wanted to achieve?

Goals require actions, they’re not wishes anyone can grant.

Don’t listen to that dream crushing voice that tells you “you can’t.”

There’s something you long for that burns with a passion inside you.

But if you believe the negative you’ll be letting fear misguide you.

Starve your fears, your worries and doubts.

Prove to yourself what you’re really all about.

Even in a crowd of thousands cheering for you.

You won’t reach what you want if you don’t believe too.

It doesn’t matter who believes in you if you doubt yourself.

Might as well let your dreams collect dust like a high shelf.

Until you realize there is power in your thoughts.

You’ll never be the one truly calling the shots.

There’s a great life we are meant to live.

But in return, all of ourselves we must give.

We are the only ones who stand in our own way.

And in doing so it’s a dear price we pay.

All for comfort we give up our lives.

We store it away with the rest of our dreams in an archive.

I want to remind you that only you hold the key to unlock your goals.

If you don’t go after them you will never feel whole.

Turn the key and unlock the door.

Inside awaits new adventures to explore.

To fail is to never have tried or to have given up.

Keep your eyes on the prize and you will triumph.

Things may not happen at your desired time.

But high views require a long climb.

Life has given you a once in a lifetime offer.

To let it write your story or for you to be the author!

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