When in doubt, speak it out.

When in doubt, speak it out.
When in doubt, speak it out. Photo by Diana Simumpande on Unsplash
When in doubt, speak it out.

There’s been something on my mind,

it lingers there all day long.

I never let it leave my mind,

for to speak it would be wrong.

It entertains me for a while,

but it never satisfies.

For I believe it just a while,

till I recognize its disguise.

Still it stays and never leaves,

it has no where else to go.

Each day I hope it leaves,

so I can stop feeling so low.

It was quiet for a time,

I had decided to ignore it.

There even came a time,

I decided to explore it.


It seemed set on never going anywhere else.

I’d fought with it so many times I lost count.

Till I realized it could never go anywhere else,

because I never gave it a way out.

So I decided to speak it out,

and from my mind it finally vanished.

I had been afraid to speak it out,

it’s no wonder I was anguished.

When we keep things trapped inside,

they start to take control of us.

Because what counts is on the inside,

that goes the same for all of us.

Keep a close guard on your heart,

let the bad out and the good in.

For everything we do flows from our heart,

so let us examine what we put in.

Let your thoughts be spoken out loud,

whether to someone else or to yourself.

For when you finally think out loud,

then you are being true to yourself.


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